Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Special Delivery

Delivered: Eugene, OR
Date: June 20, 2011

Received by: Cooper

"i scattered the jar's elements to the four winds from atop spencer's butte, put more things in the jar, and left it for someone else to find."

No. 00469, 00009, 00047, 00911, 00038, 00244

Delivered to: Dolores Park
Location: San Francisco, CA
Date: June 29th, 2010

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

No. 00013

Delivered to: Rich, Lee & Corey
Location: Portland, OR
Date: June 25th, 2010

No. 00222

Delivered to: Sara
Location: Portland, OR
Date: June 25th, 2010

No. 00621

Delivered to: Our friends of Monarques & Lee Corey Oswald
Location: Portland, OR
Date: June 25th, 2010

No. 00535

Delivered to: Washington Park
Location: Portland, OR
Date: June 25th, 2010

Found by: Donovan
Location: Along the Wildwood Trail in Portland, OR
Date: Summer 2010

No. 00573

Delivered to: Alberta Co-op Grocery
Location: Portland, OR
Date: June 24th, 2010

No. 00212

Delivered to: Bench
Location: Park Blocks - Eugene, OR
Date: June 23rd, 2010

No. 00493

Delivered to: Corey to anonymous artists
Location: Alberta District, Portland, OR
When: June 24, 2010

No. 00381

Delivered to: Three Piece Band
Location: Double Decker bus - Alberta District, OR
Date: June 24th, 2010

No. 00319

Delivered to: Jerry
Location: Morning Glory Farm - Walton, OR
When: June 23, 2010

No. 00882

Delivered to: Jan and Ken
Location: Campsite C25 - Humbug National Park, OR
Date: June 22nd, 2010

Sunday, March 28, 2010


de·liv·er·y(dĭ-lĭv'ə-rē, -lĭv'rē), n.

1. The act of transferring to another.
2. a giving up or handing over; surrender.
3. the utterance or enunciation of words.
4. the state of being delivered of or giving birth to a child; parturition.
5. The act of releasing or rescuing, liberation; deliverance.
The Delivery Project

part of The Crow & The Wolf Project in which we distribute mason jars around the country charged with the soil of previous Crow & Wolf interactive installation exhibitions ("Spir*akasha," in San Francisco & "Social Structures," in Oakland). Some have already been planted in, some have seeds, some are blank canvases. The first batch has been distributed in Oregon.

This side project will act as an invitation to people all over the country to become a part of the installation and research project we will be conducting in The Crow & The Wolf Project. YOU, the finder of the jar, are in control of the interaction and its continuation.

If you find a jar or receive one from a friend, there are 3 simple instructions:

1. Nurture it (Bury something in the jar!, plant in it, take it to parties, eat dinner with it, introduce it to your friends and family, etc). Be creative! These jars will become traveling time capsules of sorts. We anticipate the soil from one state traveling to the other side of the country and the traveling of your nurturing energy to one person to the next.

2. Take a photo of the jar/you with the jar and include the tracking number on the tag (see photo below) in the e-mail and send it to us at There will be a blog entry for each tracking number. Therefore you can watch where the jar is traveling via our blog.
3. Pass the jar on (leave it in the park, mail it to someone you know or don't know, gift it to a friend)

By staying in touch with us you will be able to see where the jar travels and future recipients. You have total creative control, so have fun, make it yours while you have the jar and pass it on :)